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Library Room is an area of the facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It appears the be the room that stores all known information about Third Energy and the projects undertaken at the facility. This is evidenced by the categories shown on the walls.

  • The orange row is devoted to "Third Energy Fundamental Theory"
  • The green row is devoted to "The Chemical Reaction Data for the Stabilizer"
  • The blue Row is devoted to "The Weapons Development Project in this Facility"

The library has an advanced security system requiring key chips with specific data to be set in order for the stored data to open. To this end there is a key chip data rewriting device in the room.

  • The player will have to pass through this room a few times in a normal playthrough. First, if you just want to explore the area ahead. Then you have to go through here in order to rewrite the key chip, and to gain access to the data storage which holds the Key Card R.
  • If you side with Gail during the lockdown in the Computer Room, you will have to pass through here one more time. There will be two Velociraptors waiting in here.
  • If you side with Rick during the lockdown, you will instead bypass this room, as you are using the Emergency escape tunnel instead.


A Velociraptor is found laying in between the data storage with red and green category, it will attack should Regina approach it. The player can find a case on the ground, inside it will contain the handgun upgrade part. Also, a Med Pak M is located near the research area hall entry.

There is a terminal in which the B1 Key Chip can be rewritten, thus enabling player to unlocked the correct data storage. To rewrite the key chip, enter the number "3695"; then rewrite the magnetic pattern following the steps below:

Use the rewritten key chip to open the data storage with the light indicator on the green row, at which the player can find key card R and a memo.


Location Localization Original Script
Terminal on the wall A terminal to manage the information of the key chips that are used to open the data storage. You can input the data to a key chip and search the data storage from here. データ保存庫を開くキーチップの情報を管理する端末だ キーチップへのデータ入力とデータ保存庫の検索ができる
Data storage All data storage is electronically locked. The key chip with the correct data saved must be set to open it. データ保存庫はすべて電子ロックされている 開くには正しいデータを記録したキーチップをセットしなければならない
Med Pak M Will you take the Med Pak M? Yes / No
Category (Red)

A category of the data stored is shown here.

"Third Energy Fundamental Theory"



Category (Green)

A category of the data stored is shown here.

"The Chemical Reaction Experiment Data for the Stabilizer"



Category (Blue)

A category of the data stored is shown here.

"The Weapons Development Project in this Facility"



Using the Key chip on the terminal

Will you overwrite the key chip data? Yes / No

(Wrong number) "Unused number."

(3695) "The number has been confirmed. Displaying the magnetic pattern data for the storage 3695."

"Please overwrite the magnetic pattern of the key chip correctly."

"Data overwrite complete."

"Data storage 3695."

"The indicator has been turned on."

キーチップのデータを書き換えますか? Yes / No


《ナンバーを確認 保存庫3695の磁気パターンデータを表示します》




Checking the data storage A memo is in data storage. Will you read the memo? Yes / No データ保存庫の中にメモが残されている メモを読みますか? Yes / No