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Lobby cutscene 2 (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


An android identical to Caren enters the Lobby and runs to Patrick. She has all of Caren's memories, but seems unaware of her Android nature. While Caren is ecstatic to see him, he has no feelings towards the new Android.


Patrick: "Caren?"

Caren: "Patrick? Patrick! Patrick! Oh, Patrick!"

Patrick: "Stop it. What the hell's going on? Sonya!"

Sonya: "What? That can't be. Get back here so we can figure this out."

Patrick: 「カレン」

Caren: 「パトリック?」

Patrick: 「ほて いったいどうなってるんだ」

Sonya: 「カレンが?」