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Lockdowns are scripted events in Dino Crisis 3, where the player finds themselves sealed in a room with dinosaurs constantly being Warped in. They can be identified by the alarm noise filling the room and the inability to leave through doors.


In Dino Crisis 3, MTHR uses Third Energy "warp holes" to transport dinosaurs into the room the player is in. Ordinarily, they spawn in a pattern that would otherwise appear random, then when all are dead the room will remain quiet until revisited. Lockdown situations occur in specific points of the game, forcing the player to endure a large group of enemies spawning in. The player cannot escape the room until all enemies are killed, after which the lockdown is called off.


  1. When Security Pass Lv 1 is recovered from the Hangar Deck and the shutter taken down.
  2. The Hazardous Materials entrance goes into lockdown the first time it is explored
  3. The Warehouse Sector goes into a lockdown briefly to stop Patrick from reaching the Shaft Sector, Algol with the ability to camouflage are used.
  4. Integrated Plant when the player returns with the Control Grips.


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