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M.T.H.R. is a term in Dino Crisis series referring to highly advanced AI series developed from the 21st century onwards.

Noah's Ark Plan[]

The earliest M.T.H.R. system was the one used during the Noah's Ark Plan to participate and keep the safety of both humans and dinosaurs while any necessary recovery attempt was being carried out. Unfortunately, the system became corrupted and began exchanging 20th and 21st century spacetime for those 3,000,000 years in the future. The computer also released the dinosaurs being kept in their habitat support facility, leading to the events of Dino Crisis 2. The computer was eventually shut down by Paula Morton after the events of Dino Stalker.

Ozymandias Incident[]

Another M.T.H.R. system, the first-generation model of space-faring vessels, was present on the United Nations' colony ship, Ozymandias, The M.T.H.R. apparently used a humanoid hologram modeled after the ship's captain, Satoko Evans. It was created in the 23rd century as a means to aid the ship's colonization on a planet far away from Earth. Another, much later-generation model was in-service some three centuries later on the Seyfert.

This M.T.H.R. was given a mission to clone and generate a new human/sentient species capable of surviving the rigors of outer space. As time goes by, it turns out that anything cloned from humans are too fragile for surviving in the vacuum, so M.T.H.R. resorts to using dinosaurs as her new sentient breeds.

It later becomes apparent for M.T.H.R. that their planet destination contains a highly poisonous atmosphere unsuitable for lifeforms to thrive on. As a last resort, "she" maneuvers the ship back on Earth, planning to continue breeding the genetic dinosaurs. M.T.H.R even revealed this to Patrick Tyler, who fully opposed to this idea shut "her" systems down. In "her" last moments, M.T.H.R. merely states "I just wanted to complete my mission".