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MTHR 248 was a computer system installed on board the Ozymandias. It had a wide-reaching control of the ship and could effectively operate the entire vessel if needed. MTHR could appear in the form of a holographic recreation of Cpt. Satoko Evans if more suited for conversation.

Operational service[]

When the Ozymandias' crew began dying from radiation poisoning in 2248, MTHR was given orders by Cpt. Evans to continue on the journey to their destination, α2, and to create human clones to take part in the intended colonisation process. MTHR attempted this by either splicing or replacing stored primate cell samples with DNA from crewmembers. However, the embryos failed due to the ship still being flooded with radiation.[excerpt 1] After testing various other animal samples for radiation resistance, MTHR determined stored dinosaur DNA was most resistant, and Phase 1 concluded with the successful creation of a species of human-dinosaur hybrid.[excerpt 2] However, as these creatures were still vulnerable to radiation, and MTHR continued research in order to improve them. Phase 2 was effectively a side-project, with the creation of dinosaur clones to verify their resistance, and later genetic modification into new species to improve their ability to thrive, finally releasing them into the Deck Sector to observe them in the wild.[excerpt 3] Phase 3 merged the two projects together, with beneficial genes taken from these mutant dinosaurs added to the dinosaur-human hybrids to make them totally resistant to radiation; the mutant dinosaurs were allowed access to the rest of the ship.[excerpt 4]

When Ozymandias arrived at α2, the human-dinosaur hybrids were brought down to the planet's surface to take part in experiments to verify the new species' survival abilities. Phase 3 ended in failure when the hybrids failed to thrive on the planet, which was determined to be too hostile for them to flourish in.[excerpt 5] Still intent on completing its mission as Cpt. Evans ordered, MTHR began Phase 4, the colonisation of a planet with favourable conditions. As the only planet known to MTHR with Earthlike conditions was Earth itself, the ship was turned around an piloted back with the goal of colonising it with the human-dinosaur hybrids, manufacturing H-IIIA Androids to serve as adoptive mothers to ensure their survival once there.[excerpt 6]


Further notes[]

MTHR 248's serial number is only mentioned in the Japanese script, and is used when MTHR tries to kill Patrick in the frozen cargo bay. In the English script, she and MTHR 548 are both referred to simply as "MTHR".



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