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Main Bridge cutscene 1 (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


Patrick arrives on the Main Bridge to find Sonya and Jacob already at work deciphering the mystery of the ship. Sonya inserts a CD found during the search, which activates a holographic recording of Captain Satoko Evans' last message before her death.


Patrick: "Good work back there. Looks like you're both safe."

Sonya: "Yeah, and I found something interesting. Take a look at this."

Evans (recording): "I am Satoko Evans, the Captain of the Ozymandias. One hundred ninety four days after leaving Earth, the Ozymandias was exposed to harmful cosmic rays. One after another, the passengers began dying in rapid succession, and before long it was clear that there would be no survivors. Warned of such a disaster, I saw only one possible course of action. I commanded MTHR to recreate an emigrant colony using samples of our DNA and cell samples aboard the ship. It was the only way to fulfill our dream of settling on α2. MTHR is a superior machine. She possesses the ability to learn. I have faith that she will be able to revive the colony."

Jacob: "So they were trying to create human beings."

Patrick: "That's ridiculous. MTHR could never accomplish such a feat."

Sonya: "Well, never say never."

Patrick: "So you're saying human beings created courtesy of MTHR are roaming around on this ship?"

Jacob: "More importantly. Those prehistoric lizards. How did they get on this ship in the first place?"

Sonya: "Look. There's someone onboard."

Jacob: "We'll stay here are fully grasp the situation. Patrick, I'm leaving the investigation bit to you."
"Now go."

Patrick: 「ソニア    さっきは助かったよ」

Sonya: 「ええ それより気になるものがあるわ」

Evans (recording): 「私の名前はサトコ・エヴァンス    オズマンディアスの船長です」

Jacob: 「人間の復活か…」

Patrick: 「でたらめだ    そんな芸当はできっこない」

Sonya: 「そうともいい切れないわ」

Patrick: 「ならマザーが作り出した新人類とやらがこの船内をうろついてるっていうのか?」

Jacob: 「それよりもあの化け物どもだなぜそんなものであふれている」

Sonya: 「見て    船内に人の反応があるわ」

Jacob: 「我々はここで状況を把握する」
「パトリック    お前が直接調べて来るんだ」