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Marsh/Poison Plants North Area is an area of the Jungle.


This is the North area of the Marsh filled with poisonous plants.


Once the poisonous plants is destroyed, the Velociraptor and Oviraptor will overrun this area. The route leads to the Water Tower. Player must collect enough points to purchase the Flame Launcher and burn the plants.


This table is based on information presented in the Japanese guidebook, DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book.[1]

Set Set trigger Enemy type (Hard) Total to kill (Hard) Room
maximum (Hard)
Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear
when bleeding?
1 First visit PP-34 11 11 NA No
2 Returning after killing all PP-34 Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 4 40 (60) 25 (35) 3 Yes
3 Returning after killing all PP-34 and fighting Oviraptors at Research Facility/Entrance Oviraptor, Lv. 1 45 (65) 25 (35) 4 Yes
4 Returning after killing all PP-34 and receiving David's radio call at City Front/Dock Oviraptor, Lv. 2 45 (65) 25 (35) 4 Yes


Location Localization Original Script
Door toward the water tower The door has been unlocked. ドアのロックを解除した




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