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Medical Log is a file in Dino Crisis 3.



September 11:
Since this afternoon, we've seen nearly 40 patients with symptoms of recurring headaches and nausea. Diagnosed as a mild form of radiation sickness, appropriate treatment was administered and the patients were discharged.

Upon closer inspection of the crew data, I was disturbed to learn that all of the discharged crew members hold posts in the ship's portside sectors. I'm having my staff check further into this matter.

September 12:
Today we admitted patients exhibiting much more serious symptoms. Tests revealed that their white blood cell count was multiplying exponentially. I reported our findings to the captain, but she didn't seem in the least bit surprised. Maybe she knows something that I don't...

September 13:
The captain has informed me of the situation in private. Apparently, the events of the last few days were due to a previously undetected bombardment of cosmic rays. She explained that the Science Division is working round the clock to come up with a plan to minimize the effects of the rays.

Given the situation, I've focused the efforts of my staff on finding a cure to what is now looking to be a major problem.

September 14:
Though designed to be shielded from exterior forces, the Medical Block has apparently been exposed to the mysterious cosmic rays. I'm losing key members of my medical staff, and am no closer to finding a cure. The captain officially announced the situation to all crew members this afternoon.

I'm beginning to have serious doubts as to whether we'll be able to survive...

September 15:
Understaffed, the Medical Block is no longer capable of handling the constant emergency calls coming in from every sector of the ship. With other 80% of the crew now infected, the captain has instructed the H-IIIA android to handle all space-funeral arrangements. I can't believe this is actually happening.

September 16:
With Earth and our destination light years away, I don't even have the option of jumping ship. The Medical Block resembles a morgue as I sit here aloe among my fallen friends and colleagues. I regret the day I ever set foot on this ship...

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