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The Medical Room, known as the medical office (医務室 Imu-shitsu?) in the Japanese script, is the decrepit clinic of the Military Facility. 


There are two bodies in here, one of the doctor and the other of a patient who was sleeping on the bed, this room is a Save Point.


The key plate can be found near the body toward the right, while a Resusc Pak can be located near the shelf upfront.


Location Localization Original Script
The doctor's corpse The flesh has been ripped from his stomach to his leg. Looks like a few years have passed since his death. 腹部から脚にかけて肉が引き裂かれている 死んでからかなり経っている
Cabinet near the computer desk It's a shelf for freezing many medicine and chemicals. 薬品を冷凍保存するための棚だ
Medical books on the shelf General medical books and patient records are filed here. Many of the patients' records indicate symptoms never heard of before. 一般的な医学書の他に患者のデータがファイルされている この世界で感染したらしい未知の症状に関する記述が目立つ
Medicine bottle cart Bottles for filling medicine are placed here. They are almost all empty. 薬品のビンが並んでいる ほとんどがカラだ
Medicine shelf Medical tools are stored here. It seems that all the health recovery aids have been used up. 治療に使われる器具がしまわれている 体力を回復できる薬剤は使い尽くされたようだ
Mattress There are large stains of blood. 大きな血の染みが広がっている
Mattress Parts of the mattress have been torn by claws and there are blood stains. マットレスのところどころがツメで引き裂かれ 血がにじんでいる
Corpse nearby the mattress He must have been attacked while in his sleep. There are no signs of resistance. ベッドで休んでいたところを襲われたのだろう 抵抗の跡は見られない
Curtain near the door It's a clear plastic curtain. Underneath from the curtain, there is blood. プラスチック製のレールカーテンだ レールの下から血が染み出している