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Dr. Miguel Angel Velasquez de Silva was a mechanical and electrical engineer assigned to the Ozymandias.


In the mid-23rd century, Dr. Velasquez was the leading authority on synthetic skin technology and water quality management robotics, the latter of which relied on microrobots and bioengineering technology, and was also well known for his contributions in sophisticated AI development. In 2248 Dr. Velasquez signed onto the Ozymandias shortly before it departed Earth.[1] The H-IIIA Android prototype, dubbed "Caren", was registered as a second generation crew member,[2] rather than an android. Dr. Velasquez continued modifying this prototype, hoping to give it the ability to mimic human emotions.[3]

In September 2248, the entire crew of the Ozymandias contracted radiation poisoning and began to die. Dr. Velasquez may have died soon into the incident, as it was Captain Evans who gave orders for the other H-IIIs to take over space funeral duties due to the manpower shortage.[4]



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