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The Military Base (軍事基地 Gunji kichi?) was an installation located near Edward City.


The base was constructed when Third Energy research began in the region. Its purpose was to coordinate the defense of outposts in the area and provide escorts for staff and materials that were transported for the project. The base also accommodated military personnel and their families.

Following the 2010 Third Energy Criticality Incident, the base and its garrison of soldiers were brought 3 million years into the future. The situation quickly deteriorated; numerous casualties and injuries resulted in the stock of the Medical Room being fully depleted less than a year after the accident, and patients were admitted with symptoms unknown to the medical staff. In an attempt to provide at least some form of treatment, doctors began prescribing medicines that had been created using samples of wild plants found in the jungle. They were administered despite the staff not knowing what their effects would be.[1]

Ten years after the accident, the base was still operational, however at what capacity is unknown. Frequent attacks by dinosaurs had caused catastrophic damage and a plan to eradicate them in the immediate area was unsuccessful.[2] With casualties mounting, the military decided to move approximately 250 people, mostly family members of the soldiers, to the safety of Edward City on the other side of the lake.[3]

Sometime later, efforts at the nearby Research Facility to recreate the conditions of the disaster ran into an obstacle with a lack of computers to store the data, and a team led by Lieutenant Wolf was organized to transport hardware from the military base to the facility. Around this time the base was overrun and the personnel slaughtered. When Wolf's transport team failed to arrive the staff at the Research Facility attempted to contact the military base, but were met with dead air.[4]

T.R.A.T. arrival[]

The base was first explored by Dylan Morton shortly after arriving in the time period. He entered the base via its main entrance and was confronted by Cyclops. The vengeful Tyrannosaurus had followed him after destroying T.R.A.T.'s encampment and gave chase through the facility's front yard. During this encounter, Dylan was ambushed by mysterious humans who, apparently hostile, fired shots at him. Dylan was able to evade both them and the colossal dinosaur and escape via the base's personnel entrance.

Finding the complex overgrown and devoid of life, he was able to locate a keycard for the nearby research facility, which had been placed in a secure storage box for Wolf's transport team to use. But opening the box with an incorrect key plate triggered the facility's alarm system, which assumed Dylan was a trespasser and trapped him in the room with an automatic shutter.

He contacted Regina via radio for help and she accessed the base control room by shorting the circuit box. Exchanging Dylan's key plate for the correct one, she was able to lift the lockdown in place and free him from confinement. With the keycard in hand, they proceeded to explore the other facilities in the area.



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