Dino Crisis Wiki

""After piercing an enemy, reload your weapon for detonation.""
— Sub Screen description.

The Mine Thrower is a special weapon in Dino Stalker. It fires explosive mine darts that are remotely detonatable.


Fire Mode: Single Shot/Semi-Auto

Rate of Fire: Normal

Damage: Maximum

Features: Remote Detonation via reload


The Mine Thrower fires custom-made remote-detonated mine darts that are useful for setting up traps against enemies that rush towards the player or wiping out small groups of enemies. The AoE damage range may be small but excels at utilizing trap tactics or small crowd control. The disadvantage is that the mine darts are timed in an interval of 5-7 seconds. The player may walk into enemies' vision range, then fire and remote detonate the mines (since they can be easily noticeable by the blinking light from the darts themselves) to wipe out up to 3 or 4 enemies at once.


  • The Mine Thrower seems to be the same but similar model from the one in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.