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"Fires 3 homing rockets at once. The most powerful weapon overall."
— Inventory description.

The Missile Pod is a main weapon in Dino Crisis 2. It costs 50,000 points to purchase, and is only wielded by Regina.[1][2]


Performance: Power-80, Speed-100, Range-20.

Ammo Price: 60 Pts.

Capacity: +10=5,000 Pts; +20=8,000 Pts; +50=18,000 Pts.


The Missile Pod fires three homing missiles, making it a great weapon against Pteranodons. Its firepower is also great against other enemies in the game, but its slow firing rate can be a problem if there are enemies on more than one side. The missiles can also collide with terrain when homing in on a target, so make sure you have a clear line of sight.



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