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The Missile Silo was a military facility, and an extension of the Edward City military base.


Caught within the radius of a Third Energy criticality incident, the missile silo was transported three million years into the future. Over the next several years the expansion of a jungle cut it off from the rest of the human-occupied territory, and with the growth of poisonous gasses, its only link to the outside world was through a wooden bridge over a river to the Research Facility, which itself would collapse or be destroyed at some point.

On the day T.R.A.T. arrived in this future world, the surviving military personnel were ordered by Col. Maison to rendezvous at the missile silo, where they intended to fire a missile into the jungle.[1] Though they were successful in transporting the Third Energy data from the lakeside Third Energy Facility and installing it within the missile, they had disappeared by the time of Regina's arrival for unknown reasons. The missile silo was destroyed soon after when a Giganotosaurus forced its way into the launch site and knocked over the missile, igniting the rocket fuel.


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