The Missile Silo is one of the last areas visited in Dino Crisis 2.

Brief HistoryEdit

In the last few years of human survival in the 3,000,000s, highly toxic gas began spreading into the area, given off by the grove of poisonous plants nearby. At this time, the silo workers began to evacuate. Their apparent evacuation is due to no bodies being found in the building whilst files state that the workers are there.

T.R.A.T. ArrivalEdit

Regina successfully arrive at the Missile Silo after passing through the dangerous Poison Gas Area and into the Waste Disposal Chamber. It is here that she found the Third Energy Disk inside the Data Control Room. Later, she encounter the T. rex again before a Giganotosaurus smash the wall and killed it. Unable to backtrack, she went back into the Control Room where Dylan Morton appear before the two would escape the Missile Silo through the Back door. Outside the back area, David Falk is waiting with the Patrol Boat to rescue the two.


The Missile Silo is occupied with numerous Velociraptors. However the biggest threat in this area is the Giganotosaurus which had kill a T. rex within the compound. Later, the entire back door accessway will be full of Inostrancevia.