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Missile Silo/Inside is an area of the Missile Silo.  


A huge missile can be seen inside. Two gas pipe can also be seen at the passageway into the elevator that leads towards the top platform of the structure.


While Regina was looking around the Missile Silo, the Giganotosaurus attacks her again. She manages to dodge before being hit, and use her Stungun to create a flame that temporary stuns the Giganotosaurus. Player has only ten minutes to defeat the huge dinosaur, pass through the passageway, get into the elevator and disable the Missile Silo.

While battling the Giganotosaurus, all Regina's weapons are ineffective against it. The idea is to use two gas pipes located in the passageway. When it's green, trigger it and swing the stungun which creates a flame that automatically hits the dinosaur. While the gas pipe being temporary charged, run across toward the other one and use the same method. If the dinosaur roars at Regina and causes her to fall, player is advised to get up quickly because the Giganotosaurus can cause an instant death. After using the gas pipe repeatedly, the Giganotosaurus will be knocked out temporarily, enough for Regina to get to the top platform and shut down the Missile Silo.

Going forwards, Med Pak L and Med Pak can be found in the passageway. The bridge connector ahead has been lowered by the system. Regina must use her stungun to short circuit the system, the same way she did in the Passageway to Sub-Level. Once all the lights turn blue, the bridge will be raised allowing her to cross. Use the elevator to get to the top platform, open the case of the Missile Silo and shut it down once and for all.

Shortly after Regina returns to the lowered platform, a cutscene will play that the Giganotosaurus awakes and destroy the whole place. Regina manages to escape the site and goes into the Launch Control Room.


Location Localization Original Script
Before the battle starts You have ten minutes to disarm the emergency interception mode of the missile warhead. The key to beating the giant dinosaur is to use the flammable gas energy injection terminal on the walk way. 10分以内にミサイル弾頭に行き 緊急迎撃態勢を解除せよ 通路に設置された引火性の気化エネルギー噴出端末が超巨大恐竜の攻撃をしりぞけるカギとなるだろう
Flammable gas on the walk way It is a device to fuel the missile with the gas energy. Currently, the plug to the missile is removed. Will you press the switch? Yes / No ミサイルに気化エネルギーを注入する装置だ 現在ミサイルに接続するプラグは外れるている スイッチを押しますか? はい いいえ
Flammable gas on the walk way (During refueling) It's refueling the gas energy. Need to wait until refueling is complete. エネルギーを充填中のため もう少し待たないと使えない
Access route terminal while fighting the dinosaur It is a control terminal. The access route to the missile launcher has been closed due to the emergency interception mode. ミサイルへ通じるルートを制御する端末だ 緊急迎撃態勢に入っているため 強制的にルートを遮断中だ
Access route terminal after knocking out the dinosaur It's the control terminal for the access route. There is no need to operate it now. ミサイルへ通じるルートを制御する端末だ 今は操作する必要はない
The bridge terminal The power of the bridge is shut down at the moment. The program to restart the power is displayed on the screen. Will you restart the program? Yes / No ミサイル整備用ブリッジの電源端末だ 現在 電源はシャットダウンしている 電源を再起動するプログラムがスクリーンに表示されている 電源を再起動しますか? はい いいえ
The bridge terminal (After the bridge is risen) There is no need to operate it anymore. もう操作する必要はない
The missile warhead It's the warhead of the missile. There is a programmable terminal. You must open the cover to operate it. ミサイルの弾頭だ プログラムを入力する端末があるがカバーを開かなければ操作できない
Control panel for the missile warhead It's a control terminal for the warhead. You can open the cover of the warhead. Will you operate the control terminal? Yes / No ミサイル弾頭の制御端末だ 弾頭のカバーを開くことができる 制御端末を操作しますか? はい いいえ
The missile warhead (After the cover is open)

The emergency interception mode is activated. Will you stop the program? Yes/No

Yes: The emergency interception mode has been deactivated.

There is no need to operate it anymore.

緊急迎撃態勢のプログラムが起動中だ プログラムを停止させますか? はい いいえ