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Mosasaurus is a type of water-based enemy in Dino Crisis 2. They are one of two aquatic creatures players will face, the other being Plesiosaurus.

Physical Description[]

The Mosasaurus is a type of marine reptile that thrived during the Cretaceous Period. Although reminiscent of crocodilians their closest relatives are actually modern monitor lizards. A Mosasaurus has long jaws similar to a crocodile, four paddle-like fins, a long tail, and a sleek body that allows it to swim fast underwater. The Dino File indicates that these Mosasaurus had particularly strong jaws for crushing the shells of their preferred prey, ammonites. The Mosasaurus in the game is 6 meters, but in real life some species could grow as long as 11. It was the basically the Tyrannosaurus of the Cretaceous oceans.


Mosasaurus, along with Plesiosaurus, made the sunken parts of the 3rd Energy Facility their nests. These animals were probably brought into the future alongside the dinosaurs during the Noah's Ark Plan to avoid being "corrupted" by the 3rd Energy incident which caused the creatures of the past to collide with humanity. Eventually the Mosasaurs became hostile toward humans, likely viewing them as a food source.


Dino Crisis 2[]

The Mosasaurus appear in the Underwater Facility when you go underwater. It can be taken out with one shot of the Aquagrenade or a few shots with the Needle Gun. Players have to be constantly on the alert since the Mosasaurus can appear from anywhere.

Dino Crisis Manhua[]

Mosasaurus appears in the 5th issue in the Dino Crisis manhua licensed by Capcom. They only make cameo appearance attacking the three S.O.R.T agents and Dr. Kirk while in tending through a flooded part of the Third Energy facility.


  • According to the Dino Files, it states that Mosasaurus are large in size. This suggests that the animals seen in the game might be juveniles, and it was also stated that the 3rd Energy Facility became swarmed by Mosasaurus during the breeding season.
  • In the game, it is very small compared to the real Mosasaurus, which in real life was one of the biggest aquatic reptiles to have ever lived, measuring up to 13 meters (42 feet). However, the Dino File implies the ones seen in game are young ones and the adults are probably too big to enter the certain parts of the facility, especially the corridors where Mosasaurus can be fought in. This could explain why the facility was swarmed during the breeding season as the facility acts as a suitable nursery for young Mosasaurus before they are big enough to swim in deeper waters of the lake. Though since a Plesiosaurus had entered the facility, it is fair to say that it is not a perfect sanctuary.
  • There was a wide variety of different Mosasaurs so it's entirely possible that the ones seen in game may be a smaller species such as Platecarpus.
  • The Mosasurus is actually more closely related to modern monitor lizards than dinosaurs.