Dino Crisis Wiki

"Mixing this with another medicine will allow you to multiply that item."
— Inventory description.

The Multiplier is a support item that can be found in Dino Crisis. It can be combined with aids, healing items, and anesthetic darts to double their volume (number).


Compared to Intensifiers, Multipliers are simpler to use.

Mixing Multipliers with Aids[]

Mixing a Multiplier with a Recovery Aid yields 2 Hemostat.

Mixing a Multiplier with an An. Aid yields 2 An. Dart S.

Mixing Multipliers with Health Items and An. Darts[]


  1. If there is 1 of an item, the volume will become 2.
  2. If there is 2 of an item, the volume will become 4.
  3. If there is 3 of an item, the volume will become 6. This only applies to An. Darts.


Multipliers cannot be mixed with the strongest items, which are the Med Pak L++ and the An. Dart L++.

Mixing Multipliers with Other Items[]

Multipliers cannot be mixed with each other, Intensifiers, and other items. They only work with aids, health items, and An. Darts.


The Multiplier can be found:

Facility 2F
Facility B2
Facility B3
  • Generator Room B3
  • Central Stairway (Red Emergency Box)
  • Passageway to the Port *
  • Passageway to the C.O Area *
  • Port Transport Passageway *
  • Underground Heliport *
  • An asterisk (*) denotes an occasional spawn.