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The Office Hallway is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is an L-shaped corridor lined with glass windows. There is a vent and a shutter at its end. There is a sign on the wall with directions pointing towards the Office and Entrance hall.


Regina will hears a weird noise the first time she enters the hallway, however, nothing happens. Only later a Velociraptor will attack her through the window. A Med Pak M can be found next to the door to the Main Entrance, and that is initially the only path to get it as the shutter will be locked.


Location Localization Original Script
The sign Office Ahead: Main Entrance 《こちら オフィス前

この先 メインエントランス》

The door to the Office The door is locked from the other side. ドアの向こうからカギがかかっている
The notice on the wall A notice is posted. 10:00 AM

Dr. Kirk's Lecture: "The Future of the Stabilizer"



Ventilation opening There's a ventilation opening. I believe that I can reach it by climbing...

Do you want to climb to the ventilation opening? Yes / No

通風口がある 上れそうだ

通風口に上りますか? Yes / No

Laser switch Will you push the switch? Yes / No

(Yes) Nothing happened.

スイッチを押しますか? Yes / No

(Yes) 何も起こらない

Med Pak M Will you take the Med. Pak M? Yes / No