Dino Crisis Wiki

"eradicate all dinosaurs within the time limit, then return to the drop zone and escape"

Operation Wipe Out is a minigame in Dino Crisis. It is unlocked after beating the game in the PlayStation version, while it is unlocked by default in the PC and Dreamcast version.


The goal is simple, you have a set time to wipe out the amount of dinosaurs in the area.

You have limited ammo and healing items, but if you play it smart, and allow yourself some risks, you can mix items like you can in the main campaign.

Once you have cleared the floor, return to the area where you started, and head up/down whatever staircase you spawn in at.


Floor B1 - Stage 1[]

The rooms are: Hall B1, Hallway for Carrying in Materials, Main Hallway B1, Library Room, Research Area Hall and the Gas Experiment Room.

Floor B2 - Stage 2[]

  • You start at the top of the stairs leading up from Floor B3 - Passageway to Experiment Area. You must kill 5 Blue Raptors, and one normal Raptor in under 4 minutes
  • You have the Glock 34 with a sight attached. It has 68 rounds of 9mm Parabellum available.
  • You have the Franchi PA3 with a stock attached. It has 5 shells of buckshot, 5 Slug shells and 9x An. Dart S available.
  • You have the grenade launcher with 1 Heat Bullet available.
  • For Medical items, you have: 2x Med Pak S and 2 Hemostats.
  • Like the previous stage, you have to clear the entire floor, but you have a shorter time window, and you face tougher enemies. Fortunately, there are much less rooms to go through in this stage

The rooms are as following: Passageway to Experiment Area (spawn hallway), Experiment Room Hall, Stabilizer Design Room, Researcher Rest Room and Passageway.

Floor B3 - Stage 3[]

  • You have the Glock 35 with a sight attached. It has 60 rounds of .40 S&W available.
  • You have the Franchi SPAS-12. It has 20 slug rounds, 3x An. Dart M, 3x An. Dart S and 1 Poison Dart available.
  • You have the grenade launcher with 2 Heat Bullets available.
  • For Medical items you have 2x Med Pak M and 2 Hemostats.
  • Like the stages before, you have to clear the entire floor. However, this is a hard challenge due to the nature of the enemies you face, and the route you have to take is significantly longer, plus many of the rooms have two enemies at the same time.
  • The rooms are as following: Central Stairway, Passageway to the Carrying Out Room, General Weapons Storage and Transport Passageway.

Final notes[]

This mode is mostly made for some quick Dino killing in an arcade style.

There are no rewards for beating this mode, although, there is the speedrunning aspect of clearing these in the shortest possible time, as you are given a total time at the end.