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The Outdoors B1 area of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility was used for underground movement and transport of materials between external areas of the facility. Primary access was through a series of small elevators located in key positions, for instance: the large size elevator and the heliport. Building materials used for repairs to the facility were also stored on this floor, though not exclusively.


S.O.R.T agents Rick and Regina were forced to come to this area during a 2009 mission on the island after a Tyrannosaurus chased them into a cargo elevator. The area was in a heavy state of disrepair, and while Rick repaired an exit elevator, Regina discovered a means of escape through the Port on floor B3.

Behind the scenes[]

Outdoors B1 appears in the first Dino Crisis as a minor area in the research facility. It serves as an interlude location after the mid-game climax at the heliport, allowing S.O.R.T to recuperate and plan their next move. The information discovered here directs Rick and Regina towards the underground area of the facility in their efforts to escape.

The rubble blocking the floor's main hallway potentially conceals a much larger area, but from the area that can see in the game, this floor is neither large or important to the facility's main purpose.