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The Outside of City/Highway is an area of Edward City. It is known as City outskirts - highway (シティ外・ハイウェイ Shiti-gai haiwei?) in the Japanese version.


This is where Dylan ends up after crushing the tank under a closing security gate after the T-Rex chase. This area is very small with a semi truck crushed by the chimney stack. The bridge up ahead has been raised and is unable to be crossed.


The Gas Mask is located by two wrecked vehicles. Picking up the mask will trigger a cutscene, where Dylan is attacked by one of the Full Faces but Paula comes to his aid and Dylan throws the Helmet Person off the elevated road. Dylan also notices that a necklace that Paula is wearing looks almost identical to his deceased sister's. Regina appears and some of Dylan's past is explained, that he was a street thug and how he joined the army to make up for his mistakes. The Gas Mask is used to get through the Poisonous area in the Jungle.

Afterwards, both Dylan and Regina go back into the Boat Cockpit cabin where Regina must drive them back to the Dock/Landing Space. From there, Regina must venture from the Dock/Suspension Bridge and into the Poison Gas Area. After reaching the door beyond that, it will lead her into the Waste Disposal Chamber.


Location Localization Original Script
The tank This is the tank Dylan was driving. It is smashed by the gate.  乗り捨ててきたタンクだ ゲートに押しつぶされている
The truck The truck must have come from the industrial area underneath the highway. It appears that there was an accident during transport. The content of the cargo are mostly firearms and other weapons. Everything has been smashed by the factory chimney. There's nothing left which looks usable. このハイウェイの下の工場地帯から運搬作業中に事故にあったようだ 積み荷は機銃などの武器だ 煙突につぶされて使えるものはない
The falling chimney There are many arms factories underneath this highway. The chimney is from one of those factories. It has completely smashed the truck. このハイウェイの下には兵器工場が並んでいる この煙突は その工場のものだ 完全にトレーラーを押しつぶしている
Highway The highway has become a dead end. From the edge, it's obvious that there were frequent movements of the earth's surface in this area. ハイウェイが目の前で途切れている 周囲の様子から 大規模な地殻運動が頻発しているらしいことが分かる