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Oversized Transport Chamber is an area of the Habitat Support Facility in Dino Crisis 2.


It's the largest room in the Habitat Support Facility. There's a bridge that connects the Large Laboratory Hall to this room.


After Dylan and Paula emerge in this area, one of the remaining Full Faces will come and try to attack. Paula runs away but Dylan and the Helmet Person fight until the Giganotosaurus appears from nowhere. The helmet person falls to death when the bridge is destroyed. The Giganotosaurus then turns it's attention to Dylan who starts to run away from the dinosaur.

As you assume control over Dylan, you can notice a 5-minute timer on the top. Start running straight forward, and when you get near the bridge, Dylan automatically crosses the bridge before the dinosaur breaks it. If the player fails, it will result into a game over. The Giganotosaurus is immune to any weapon in the game so it is useless to waste ammo on it. Dylan needs to operate the control panel, then use the communications line to activate it. This will trigger a satellite attack on the specified location.

After the Giganotosaurus is defeated, the shield toward the "Gate" Development Lab has reopened.


Location Localization Original Script
Control panel for the satellite It is the control panel to command the Anti-Satellite. To start it, you need to open the communication line and set the target. 攻撃衛星に攻撃指令を与える端末だ 作動させるには 通信回線を開き攻撃ポイントを設定する必要がある
Emergency control terminal It's the emergency control terminal to connect the communication line to the Anti-Satellite. Will you operate the control terminal? Yes / No 攻撃衛星との緊急通信回線を開く端末だ 端末を操作しますか? はい いいえ
Emergency control terminal (After operation) The communication line has already been connected. You still need to set the target. 通信回線はすでにつながっている 次は 攻撃ポイントを設定しなければ……
Emergency control terminal (After both terminals have been used) The Anti-Satellite is now ready. You can operate the Anti-Satellite from the main control panel. 攻撃衛星の起動準備は完了している メインパネルを操作すれば攻撃衛星を作動させることができる
Shield shutter to the Development Lab The Emergency Defense System is activated and the emergency shutter is closed. 緊急防衛システムが作動中のため 非常用のシャッターが閉じている
Control panel that sets the target (before opening communication line) The communication line with the Anti-Satellite is not connected. The target data cannot be sent to the satellite. 衛星兵器の攻撃ポイントを指定する端末だ 衛星との通信回線が開いていないため ポイントを指定しても送信できない
Control panel that sets the target It is the control panel to set the target. Target has been set for the gigantic dinosaur. Will you send the data to the satellite? Yes / No 衛星兵器の攻撃ポイントを設定する端末だ 攻撃ポイントを巨大恐竜に設定した ポイントデータを衛星に送信しますか? はい いいえ
Control panel that sets the target (After operation) The target has been set. Use the main control panel to operate the Anti-Satellite. 攻撃ポイントはすでに設定されている メインパネルを操作すれば攻撃衛星を作動させることができる
Control panel for the satellite (Upon target is set)

Will you start the Anti-Satellite? Yes / No

(After the Giganotosaurus is destroyed) There is no power. It won't operate.

攻撃衛星を作動しますか? はい いいえ

電源がシャットダウンしている 操作することはできない