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Oviraptor is a species of dinosaur collected as part of the Noah's Ark Plan. Its name means "Egg Robber". The Oviraptor lived around 70 million years ago. Their remains are found in Mongolia. It is also shown within the game that Oviraptor, like the Carnotaurus, might sport sexual dimorphism.


The Oviraptors thrived in the future earth environment created by the Noah's Ark team. As the forest spread on the west of the lake to take over the military outposts, the Oviraptors made the southern portion of the jungle against the river their territory, surrounding the Third Energy Facility and, later, taking it over following its abandonment.


Although they are nearly similar in appearance with the Velociraptors, the Oviraptors are actually part of the Oviraptoridae family; with crests on their heads, toothless beaks, long grasping arms, long legs and tails as their primary features. The Oviraptors are perfectly suited to live on dry lands and deserts. They were carnivorous (maybe omnivorous) dinosaurs that hunted with their beaks and arms. Their beak also serves to break the shell of eggs and animals. In Dino Crisis 2, they have sexual dimorphism (males are green and females are brown) and also spit venom (in Dino Crisis 2, only the males spit venom, but in Dino Stalker, the characteristics of male and female are inverted).



In Dino Crisis 2, Oviraptors are assigned two ranks by which health values are determined, which also differ based on difficulty. On Normal mode, Level 1 Oviraptors have a health value of 400–410, while Level 2 Oviraptors have a health value of 1000–1031. This value is multiplied by 0.5 if the player is on Easy mode (e.g. 200-205HP for Level 1), while Hard mode multiplies it by 2 (e.g. 800-820HP for Level 2).[1]


Attack values are given as they are in the Normal difficulty. Hard stats multiply it by 2 (e.g. a Blue jump-and-scratch being 120 damage), while Easy is reduced by one third (e.g. the same attack at 40 damage).[2]

Blue Oviraptor stats
Attack Damage Notes
Jump kick (跳び蹴り) 80 (+40 falling damage)
Glasgow Kiss (頭突き) 80 (+40 falling damage)
Jump and scratch (跳び引つかき) 60 May perform attack twice, doubling damage
Forward cling (前方しがみつき) 140 May perform attack twice, doubling damage
Rear cling (後方しがみつき) 100
Red Oviraptor stats
Attack Damage Notes
Jump kick (跳び蹴り) 100 (+40 falling damage)
Glasgow Kiss (頭突き) 80 (+40 falling damage)
Jump and scratch (跳び引つかき) 80
Forward cling (前方しがみつき) 180 May perform attack twice, doubling damage
Rear cling (後方しがみつき) 140 May perform attack twice, doubling damage
Venom (毒液) 160


The Oviraptors serve as one of the game's enemy grunts. As the file says, heavy firearms are not recommended to fend off a flock of hungry Oviraptors, as they can cover the distance between them and the player by doing a jump-kick. The Heavy Machine Gun is recommended for taking care of them, and if you're surrounded, the Firewall should keep them at bay.

Most often you will find the male Oviraptors, which are green, weak and spit poison. Sometimes you will see the females, which are brown and do not spit poison, but are stronger.

Dino Crisis 2: Extra Crisis[]

Oviraptor is playable in Extra Crisis. In this mode it has access to all of its moves. It is notably the cheapest dinosaur to purchase. The player 2 colors in Dino Duel are the orange-brown colors from the female Oviraptors.

Dino Stalker[]

Oviraptors return in chapter 4 of Dino Stalker, in a desert-like area in Hyperspace. The Oviraptors would sometimes jump out of sand and try to attack the player in groups. A rapid-firing weapon is required to fend the dinosaurs away. Here the functions of male and female are inverted, as the females (pink in this game) spit poison, and the males are stronger (and also steals recovery items and weapons in the area).


Further notes[]

  • The Oviraptors' spitting venom ability was most likely inspired by the Dilophosaurus in the 1993 film Jurassic Park, though the former was more corrosive akin to cloned Xenomorphs in Alien: Resurrection. Since only the males spit this venom in Dino Crisis 2, it could be a sexual selected trait, similar to what is seen in the modern platypus where in the males have a venomous spur on their back foot. However, the fact that females do so in Dino Stalker makes this somewhat unclear. This could be due to the Oviraptors from the two games being different species. It could also be that the Oviraptors are not venomous but rather instead misidentified vomiting behavior as a form of defense similar to vultures and since the two genders have instances of doing this in both games, it could be possible the two do so for different reasons. Males vomit as part of their mating ritual as healthier males can afford to vomit out their last meal as a show of strength and fitness, while females do so to defend their nest from predators since acid in the eyes is far from preferable. In either case, it could also serve as an all round deterrent to predators in general, especially if they feed on toxic plants and animals to make the vomit even more dangerous or make it foul smelling. This is however non-canon speculation with no evidence to back it up.
  • The animations for the Oviraptor were handled by Yuichiro Hiraki, with his work in particular getting Hideki Kamiya's attention and a job in the Devil May Cry development team.[3]