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The Passageway is an area of the Facility B2 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a L-shaped corridor that connects Parts Storage and Third Energy Area B2, with some doors blocking the way until they are opened.


Upon entering this room for the first time, 3 doors will be blocking the way to the generator; two on the first half and one the second half. The first doors can be opened with B2 Key Chip 2 and B2 Key Chip 1, respectively. An An. Aid can be found on the corner of the corridor. The last door, on the other hand, can be opened without the need of keys.


Location Localization Original Script
First door device A slot to insert a key chip. The number "0392" is inscribed. キーチップ差込口がある“0392”と書かれている
Second door device A slot to insert a key chip. Nothing is written on the number specification area. キーチップ差込口がある ナンバーの指定欄は何も書かれていない
An. Aid Will you take the An. Aid? Yes / No