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Passageway to Military Facility ① is an area in the western parts of the Jungle, leading from the Water Tower en route to the military base.


This small fenced-in area connects the Water Tower to the open field leading towards the Military Facility's front entrance. There is also a collapsed concrete underpass (where it leads is unknown) on the far side with a transport truck nearby. Both have long been abandoned by the military personnel after the area was overrun. The gate at the far end leads to the Passageway to Military Facility ②, before reaching the Military Facility.


There's a Med Pak M located inside the collapsed concrete underpass. Upon visiting here as Regina, two Full Faces will attack her in a cutscene before running away once again.


This table is based on information presented in the Japanese guidebook, DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book.[1]

Set Set trigger Enemy type (Hard) Total to kill (Hard) Room
maximum (Hard)
Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear
when bleeding?
1 Returning to the map after seeing the Triceratops Velociraptor, Lv.1 and 2 (3 and 4) 35 (55) 20 (30) 3 No
2 After Regina encounters the Full Faces Velociraptor, Lv.3 and 4 30 (50) 20 (30) 3 Yes
3 After saving Dylan from the Material Storage Velociraptor, Lv.3 and 4 30 (50) 20 (30) 3 Yes
4 After encountering Oviraptors at the Research Facility/Entrance Oviraptor, Lv.1 40 (60) 20 (30) 4 Yes
5 After hearing David on the radio at City Front/Dock Oviraptor, Lv.2 40 (60) 20 (30) 4 Yes

Velociraptor are present in this area, while most will jump out from the broken fences.


Location Localization Original Script
Section of the fences on the left and right. A section of a fence is gone due to the giant dinosaur passing through this area. Vegetation of vigorous growth characteristic has already filled the area. かつて巨大恐竜が道を横断したため金網が外れている


Jeep nearby It's a jeep for transporting materials. Looks like it has been untouched for years. 資材運搬用のジープだ


The destroyed car in the tunnel The rubbish is blocking the tunnel path. There seems to be moss of some soft on pieces of concrete. がれきが完全に進路をふさいでいる


Further notes[]

The wreckage of a Chevrolet C-Series pickup truck in the tunnel is one of only two civilian vehicles present in Dino Crisis 2, the other being a Chevrolet Astro minivan abandoned outside of Robson's Drugstore in Edward City.



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