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The Passageway to the Backup Generator is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a long passage composed of multiple crates and empty barrels that may have been used as the source for the backup power. There is also a dead corpse, torn apart covered in blood on the midway of the passage.


This passageway connects the The Backyard and the Backup Generator Room 1F. Regina will meet Gail investigating on the eviscerated corpse, before proceeding toward the 1F Generator Room. Assuming Regina's role, player can obtain a Med Pak M from the dead corpse before heading to the Generator room as Gail will be guarding outside.

After returning here from the Generator Room, Regina will encounter the Velociraptor for the first time. Player can either kill it or ignore it and head back into the Backyard.


Location Localization Original Script
The crates They must have been used to carry materials. 資材を運ぶためのものだ
Med Pak M Will you take the Med Pak M? Yes / No
The dead body The body appears to have been torn apart violently by sharp, blade-like projections. 鋭い大型の刃物で力まかせに切り裂かれている
Checking the blood The state of the blood suggests that the victim died recently. 血の固まりぐあいから見るとそれほど時間は経っていないようだ
The barrels They may have been used as a source of backup power. They are empty. 予備電源に使用するのだろうか 中身は入っていない
Checking on Gail (After the cutscene) He is watching the area. 辺りの様子に気を配っている