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The passageway to the communications area was an outdoors balcony area of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility located on Facility 2F. The passageway to the communications area appeared in the first Dino Crisis. Its main use was as the location of the second fight with the Tyrannosaurus.


This balcony connected the interior areas of the floor to the communications section of the facility. The comm antenna room, used to control the facility's main antenna, and the communications room containing vital radio equipment were accessed through this passage. Two ventilation fans were placed just before the entrance to the comm antenna room.


In 2009, S.O.R.T agent Regina entered this area after reactivating the research facility's main antenna as part of a plan to communicate the pilot of their extraction helicopter. After doing so, a Tyrannosaurus in the area activated the floors security, locking all three exits. Regina was forced to hold off the beast until a teammate, Rick, could disable the security system.


Player can find the An. Aid inside the passageway. The door to the Communication room will be locked from the other side.

After the player reactivates the facility main antenna inside the Antenna room, the Tyrannosaurus will appear. This will cause the security system to lock all the exits, in which the player have no choice but to hold off the dinosaur until Rick disable the security system.


Location Localization Original Script
Notice by the door to Antenna room Restricted Area Antenna Room 《立入禁止 この先 アンテナ室》
Outdoor motor This appears to be the outdoor motor that runs the air conditioning of this facility. It is not working now. 施設の空調の室外機のようだ 今は動いていない
The door to the Communication area The door is locked from the other side. ドアの向こうからカギがかかっている
All doors (During the emergency lock down) It is locked. カギがかかっている