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Patrick confronts MTHR (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


Patrick presses a button on a console, which causes another set of culture tanks to move up from the floor. Among the culture tanks, he notices some appear to be of children, explaining where the life-readings were coming from.


Patrick Tyler: "Human babies? The life signals were coming from here?"

MTHR 248: "These are the humans I have created as per Captain Evans' request."

Patrick: "I thought you couldn't do that with human DNA."

MTHR 248: "Which is why I was forced to create a hybrid. I searched my samples and combined human and dinosaur DNA in order to complete my directive. I have accomplished my mission."

Patrick: "So those dinosaur monsters - the ones running around the ship. Those were the side-products of your attempt to create humans?"

MTHR 248: "That is correct. After I had succeeded in the breeding the human infants, I went to α2 where I found an environment in which human beings could never thrive. I then opted to transport the humans to Earth, and created enough Carens to match the babies so that they would become mothers to them."

Patrick: "This is out of control. I won't allow it. No matter how human they look - if they contain dinosaur DNA they're not human. They're monsters."

MTHR 248: "This is my order, and my purpose. You will not get in my way."

Patrick Tyler: 「赤ん坊? あの生命反応の正体はこれか」

MTHR-248: 「ここにいるのはエヴァンス船長の命により私が作り出した幼生体たちです」

Patrick: 「人間は再生できなかったんじゃないのか?」

MTHR: 「そこで私は保管されたDNAサンプルから生命力の強い恐竜を復活させ…」

Patrick: 「船内をうるついている恐竜どもはその過程で生まれたってウケだな」

MTHR: 「そのとおりです」

Patrick: 「バカをいうな」

MTHR: 「これは使命であり····私の悲願ですあんたに邪魔はさセませン」