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Patrol Ship - Cutscene

The Patrol Ship moments after passing through the time gate.

The Patrol Ship is a vehicle used in Dino Crisis 2. Throughout the game, it serves as the main characters' transport.


The P.B. 31TX[1] was a multi-purpose military watercraft utilised by TRAT for the mission to rescue survivors of the 2010 Third Energy Criticality Incident. Fitted in the cabin was an experimental "Time Gate", which allowed the vessel to travel through time. For ease of movement, it had autopilot controls, which could be used manually when required.

Carrying a platoon of heavily armed soldiers, the Patrol Ship was outfitted with large dual autocannons on the rear deck for close-quarters combat and anti-aircraft duties and a small armoured vehicle.


Further Notes[]

  • The ship's gun appears to be based on the WWII German 3.7cm Flakzwilling M43U, but the mount is fictional.



  1. The name of the ship appears on the area map.

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