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Paul Baker was a researcher at the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility. He worked on several projects at the facility, including research on components for an experimental generator. After a test activation of the generator resulted in overload, the dinosaurs that appeared in its wake killed him and the rest of the facility's staff.


Initially, Paul's work in the Ibis Island facility was on experimental aircraft. Later, near the end of the project, he was transferred to Facility B2 to work on the Stabiliser. His registration number was 58104, and he could be accessed via pager with the number 1123.

After the experimental generator's activation and subsequent overload, Paul was killed by a Velociraptor on Facility 1F.

Some time after this, his corpse was found by a S.O.R.T. agent investigating the facility. His fingerprints and registration number may have been used by her to forge authorization to enter the underground area as a researcher.

Behind the scenes[]

Paul Baker appeared in the first Dino Crisis game as a device to give the player authorization to enter the underground area. He is never seen alive, though the location of his corpse suggests he may have been trying to escape the facility when killed.

A man named Paul was working with a group of researchers, including Mike, to find and enter a secret laboratory that they believed Dr. Kirk had hidden on floor B1.[1] Despite locating the lab and the means to open it, the Third Energy experiment and the resulting dinosaurs prevented any attempt to enter it.

The Special Aircraft Experiment Room does not exist in the facility shown in the game, in which all indoor areas are explored and named. Furthermore, no reference to aviation projects is made in any other part of the game, with all research areas in the facility focusing on the Third Energy project.

Despite working in the stabilizer experiment room, located on floor B2, Baker's authorization only permits access to floors 1F and B1.


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