Dino Crisis Wiki

The Port is an area of the Facility B3 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a large square shaped area with lots of materials stored in the middle. The barrels house nucleum, which is needed as hovercraft fuel.



Location Localization Original Script
Covered up materials Covered materials. カバーが掛けられた資材だ
Materials stacked up at the corner of the room There are many types of materials. さまざまな資材が置かれている
Examining the drum cans The man-made nuclear energy material, Nucleum, is stored here. You could take some of it if you had an energy tank... 人造の核エネルギー物質ニュークリウムが置かれている エネルギータンクがあれば取れるのだが……
Notice on the wall There's a notice: "Danger: Explosive Materials" 《危険 爆発物あり》
Piled up containers Small containers are stacked here. 小型のコンテナが積まれている
Large tank containers A large tank for storing energy. エネルギー備蓄用の大型タンクだ
Hatch on the ground It looks impossible to escape through here. ここから逃げるのは無理だろう
Shutter by the door to the hovercraft storage This shutter hasn't been used for a long time. このシャッターは長いこと使われていないようだ
Large shutter door It's a large shutter. It can't be opened from here. 大型のシャッターだ ここからは開けられない
Trying to leave while engaging the T-Rex The emergency lock system is active. 非常ロックシステムが作動している