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Dino Crisis went through a number of alterations as it was released and re-released. Game content differs based on console and region of release. The original Dino Crisis game was the Japanese version, released 1 July 1999. All subsequent versions will be compared with that unless specified.


PlayStation, international[]

The international version of Dino Crisis was released 31 August 1999 in North America, and 29 October 1999 in Europe. It has a number of differences from the Japanese game. In terms of gameplay, item placement is different, the number of continues has dropped from 30 to 5. The maps were changed as well, with the Map menu no longer naming the room the player is in, likely due to the English names of rooms being much longer than the Japanese. The character of Regina went through considerable change to make her look European instead of Japanese, and can be seen in her in-game model, her cutscene model and menu model.

PlayStation, Greatest Hits[]

In 2000 the international version was re-released in North America under the "Greatest Hits" label. Aside from typical bug-fixes, this version is known to have altered the environments, such as replacing textures or removing objects. Due to an oversight in the original release, the anti-piracy screen was amended in this version to display an English language message rather than a Japanese one.[1]


Dino Crisis PC Sourcenext cover

The Sourcenext re-release.

As was typical of Capcom's practices of the era, Dino Crisis was released repeatedly on PC through third party distribution, with the exception of Capcom USA which handled the American distribution. MediaKite handled Japanese distribution, sometimes earning it the moniker of the "MediaKite version". In South Korea this was handled by SsangYong, while in Europe this was handled by Virgin Interactive Entertainment. The MediaKite version uses DirectX6.1, and uses a 640x480 resolution through upscaling. In 2006, Sourcenext would publish their own version with Windows XP compatibility.

In terms of gameplay differences, the PC port lets the owner play both the Japanese and international versions of the game rather than one or the other as on PlayStation and Dreamcast. These are separated into two modes called "Original Mode" and "Arrange Mode".


The Dreamcast was first released in Japan in September 2000, the US in November, a Europe in December through Virgin Interactive Entertainment. This version is noted for its higher-quality audio and revised menu design. This version is also noted for its native 640x480 resolution, making it visually the better of the releases. As with other Dreamcast games, Dino Crisis comes with a unique HUD for the controller. Gameplay-wise, it is identical to the PlayStation version right down to there being a Japanese and international version. A key difference between the Dreamcast and PlayStation versions is in Control Room 1F, where one of the monitors shows the island's military emblem instead of CCTV footage.


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