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Dino Crisis 2 went through several iterations after its PlayStation release in 2000, though less than the original game. This article will chronicle all versions and point out unique elements in them.



There are three versions of the PlayStation game - the Japanese, NTSC and PAL versions. The latter two can be distinguished by the former's lack of Easy Mode.


Dino Crisis 2 was originally ported to PC by Capcom in May 2002 in Japan, and August in the United States, and in March 2003 in Europe. In 2006 an XP-optimised version was released in Europe by Empire Interactive under its "Xplosiv" line of third-party re-releases, with the same version being distributed in Australia by Red Ant.

The Empire Interactive version recommends a processor of Pentium II, 350 MHz or more powerful, at least 64MB of system memory, a DX-compatible sound card, 350MB of free hard drive space, a 4X-speed CD-ROM drive and DirectX 7.0 or higher.[1]


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