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Power of a strange OZYMANDIAS (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


S.O.A.R. member McCoy enters the ship and is attacked by an Australis. The dinosaur is then killed by a group of Rigel.


Patrick Tyler: "McCoy!"
"Are you OK?"
"Where is everyone else?"

McCoy: "They're dead!"
"They're all dead."

Patrick: "Take it easy."

Sonya Hart: "Looks like the air is safe in here."
"It's alright."

Patrick: "Good."
"It takes at least seven days before we can expect a rescue."
"That's after we're declared overdue."
"So we better take care of the ship and search for any survivors."

McCoy: "What is this...?"

Sonya: "McCoy!"

Patrick: "Sonya!"

Sonya: "I'm OK."

Patrick: "Wait. He's stopping."

Sonya: "It must sense something."

Patrick: "Gross."

Sonya: "What are these things!?"

Patrick: "Run!"

Patrick Tyler: 「マッコイ」
「しっかりしろ    ほかの仲間は?」

McCoy: 「死んだよ    みんなおっ死んだ」

Patrick: 「落ちつくんだ」

Sonya Hart: 「空気は汚染されていないようだわ」

Patrick: 「よし」

McCoy: 「なんだいこりゃ」

Sonya: 「マッコイ!」

Patrick: 「ソニア!」

Sonya: 「平気よ」

Patrick: 「なんだ    止まりやがった」

Sonya: 「ほかになにかいるみたい……」

Patrick: 「逃げるんだ」