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Prologue and opening movie[note 1] is the opening cutscene for Dino Crisis 2.



Narrator: "One year has passed since the "Third Energy" incident... Dr. Kirk's research on "Third Energy" has been taken over by a government agency, and massive research has begun at a base somewhere in the Mid West. However, in their pursuit of immediate results, they have failed to take the necessary precautions, and once again, an accident has occurred. This time, the entire research base, military institution, and a small town close by, have disappeared. In their place now lies a Jungle from another time..."

Dylan Morton (soliloquy): "May 10th, 2010... I'm about to step through a gate to another time. Or maybe it's another world. I'm being sent in with other members of T.R.A.T. Our mission: to rescue 1300 survivors and collect data on the "Third Energy" project."

Corporal: "Hey Sarge, where do you want this?

Sergeant: "Set it down over there, Corporal."

T.R.A.T. Member 1: "-transmission on this GPS, there's something

T.R.A.T. Member 2: "Huh?"

David Falk: "Eat this!"

Dylan: "Yes."

David: "Yeah!"

Narrator: 「サードエナジー暴走事件”から1年……」
「しかし 強引かつ性急すぎたプロジェクトは破綻をきたし」
「研究基地 軍事施設隣接する居住エリア」

Dylan Morton (soliloquy): 「2010年 5月10日」

Corporal: *ad-lib*

Sergeant: *ad-lib*

T.R.A.T. Member 1: *ad-lib*

T.R.A.T. Member 2: *ad-lib*

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David Falk: 「食らえ!」

Dylan: *ad-lib*

David: *ad-lib*


  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.