March 5 Lately many of our guys have reported missing bellongings.Especially smaller items such as hand mirrors and watches. Just the other day, my silver Rocket follewed the same fate. There are rumours that this is the work of tiny dinosaurs. It's got a real jivy name like "compy" or something.

April 3 Today i heard an interesting story. Crows and other birds have a peculiar behavior of collecting shiny items. It tage then maybeappeares these compy have a similar behavior. Come to think of it the missing items were all thiny things. They seem to have a lot of similarity with the birds. It could be that ther are their ancestors. We haven't been able to capture any of them since they are so quick on their feet. But if we use their behavior to their advantage, then maybe...

April 6

We used a laboratory animal cage and were finally able to capture one of them.We used Alan's bracelet as a bait and cornered him in. The key to capturing is to block all possible escape routes.If there is aeven the smallest of gaps they will manage to escape. Our plan is to use this cage to get rid of them as fast as we can. The Raptors who eat them for snacks have started to roam the area. Compys...What a nusiance!

There is still two more weeks until the general research staff can move into Edward City. Until then we have to do our best to protect this Facillity from the dinosaurs.