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The red-coloured Velociraptors, otherwise known as "Level 5s", are a rank of Velociraptor encountered in Dino Crisis 2. They are more powerful than the standard Brown and Green Raptors, and are only beaten by the Blue Raptors.



The raptors throw Regina to the floor violently

On Normal, the Red Raptors have a health value of 1595-1626 HP, compared with the level 1-3 (Brown) Raptors, with values from 395-826 HP. These values are halved on Easy mode, and doubled for Hard.[1] As with all other Velociraptor ranks sans Blue, killing a Red Raptor gives the player 100 Extinction Points per kill, with 50 for Counters.

As one of the game's strongest grunts, these raptors must be dealt with powerful weapons. When they appears, use the Submachine Guns or the Flamethrower. Should they corner you, a secondary weapon that can knock them down is highly advised.



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