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Pornicus was a species of Ankylosaur created through genetic engineering in Ozymandias' DNA Laboratory. The species was experimental in origin, and only one specimen is known to have existed. The species became extinct in 2548.


When Ozymandias' crew began dying of radiation poisoning on their expedition to the planet α2, Cpt. Satoko Evans ordered the ship's computer, MTHR-248 to clone the ship's crew so that the colonisation mission would not end in vain.[2] As the ship was flooded with radiation, however, MTHR was unable to create clones that could survive, and instead began splicing in genes from animal samples in the laboratory which were found to be more resistant to radiation.[2] Seeking to further modify the human clones to survive a variety of harsh conditions, MTHR began growing genetically modified dinosaur species, which would thrive on the ship as a means of testing their adaptability. If genes were found to be advantageous, they were to be spliced into the human-dinosaur hybrids.[2] The Regulus was created from Ankylosaurus DNA in storage, and was modified to develop an armour plating strong enough to deflect bullets.[3] The only known specimen emerged from the DNA Laboratory in 2548 and attacked SOAR member Patrick Tyler. Although reinforced by Cpt. Jacob Ranshaw and Sonya Heart, the dinosaur was undeterred, and was injured but not killed in a suicidal attack by Cpt. Ranshaw, who forced a grenade into its mouth.[4][5] The Regulus later attacked Tyler again,[6] where it was finally killed.


Regulus was engineered based on Ankylosaurus DNA. The skin of its back is covered with thick plates or organic armor capable of deflecting projectile attacks. In combat, it can roll up its body and rams its opponent. However, the creature's soft underbelly and slow speed make it vulnerable to well placed attacks.[7][8]



Regulus has a health value of 25,000HP.[9]


The following six attacks are derived from the DINO CRISIS 3 PERFECT ALIVE GUIDE.[9]

Attack Damage Notes
Walk and bite (歩き噛みつき aruki kamitsuki?) 400 Regulus moves up to the player and bites them.
Bite on the spot (その場噛みつき sono ba kamitsuki?) 500 Regulus bites the player if they are stood in front of it.
Oshitaoshi attack (押し倒し攻撃?) 350 Regulus charges at the player. Attack is named from a Sumo move.
Tail attack (尻尾攻撃?) 500 Regulus uses its tail as a whip.
Roll attack (転がり攻撃?) 600 Regulus curls up into a ball and rolls around the room.
Hit while moving or threatening to (移動中や威嚇時の当たり idō-chū ya ikaku-ji no atari?) 100~150


Carefully setting up your strategy here is important, as the creature will always be ready to dodge and block all of your attacks on it. At times, the Regulus will show its vulnerable underbelly, so use this moment to inflict heavy damage. Make sure to keep your distance from Regulus' tail, as it can deal huge damage if it hits you.





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