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 The Research Lounge is one of the area in Research Facility.


Despite its name this room has little to no amenities one would expect from a lounge. It appears to have been used for a variety of purposes. The left hand side of the room is an open plan area with several collapsible beds, and surfaces used for the storage and preparation of medicines which may imply that it was used as a temporary clinic of sorts. A row of windows is situated on the far wall, barred by metal shutters and letting in a meager amount of light.

The other side of the room is of a narrow shape and has a couple of desks with computers used by researchers. A small room in the corner has a row of built-in specimen cages.

Vegetation from the jungle outside has invaded through the roof to the point where the room's ceiling cannot be seen for all the plant matter that covers it. Several nests with clutches of eggs have been built by dinosaurs taking shelter in the room.


A Med Pak S can be located just not far from the cages.[1] The Research Facility Keycard is collected from one of the animal cages when the player successfully lures a Compsognathus into it.


Enemy type Total to kill (Hard) Room

maximum (Hard)

Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear

when bleeding?

Oviraptor (Lv.1) 45 (65) 15 (25) 4 Yes
Oviraptor (Lv.2) 45 (65) 15 (25) 4 Yes

After the Compsognathus has been captured, returning to this room later has the room populated by level 1 Oviraptors. Only four Oviraptors appear in the room at a time, with a maximum of fifteen (twenty-five on Hard) appearing every room visit. Once forty-five have been killed on Easy and Normal, or sixty-five on Hard, the room will be clear of these enemies. After receiving David Falk's radio message at City Front/Dock, this room will contain level 2 Oviraptors instead, which have the same stats in regards to respawning.[1]


Location Localization Original Script
Ventilation hole It's a terminal to open and close the ventilation hole. Will you operate the terminal? Yes / No. 通気口を開閉する端末がある 端末を操作しますか? はい いいえ
Table On the table are a few specimens and a microscope. テーブルの上に けんび鏡といくつかの標本が並んでいる
Bed There is a bottle of medicine on the bed. The inside cannot be seen with all the dust covering it. ベッドの上に薬品のビンが転がっている ビンの中身が見えないほどホコリが積もっている
Cabinet It's a medicine cabinet. The inside has been messed with and there is nothing which appears to be usable. 薬品棚だ 中は荒らされて使えそうなものは残っていない
Ivy on the corner The jungle vegetation has intruded inside by forcing themselves through the wall. 壁の一部を破ってジャングルの植物が浸食している
Bed at the centre It is a folding bed. 折りたたみ式の簡易ベッドだ
First cage

The cage is unlocked. For some reason there is a metal spoon place inside the cage. Will you open the cage? Yes / No

There's something else in the cage. You found a new DINO FILE.

このオリにはカギがかかっていない オリの中には なぜか金属製のスプーンが入っている オリのフタを開きますか? はい いいえ

オリの中にスプーン以外に何か入っている 新しいDINO FILEを見つけた

First cage (empty) It's an open cage. You can use it as a trap to capture small animals. フタが開いたオリだ 小動物を捕えるワナとして使える
First cage with prey inside The captured dinosaur is inside. 捕まえた恐竜がオリの中で小さくなっている
Second and third cage. A small dead dinosaur is inside all dried up. The cage is locked. You cannot open it. 干からびた小さな恐竜の死体が入っている このオリはカギがかかっていて開くことはできない
Terminal at the corner It's a terminal used by the doctor. It won't power. There is no way to know what kind of data is stored here. ドクターが使用していた端末だ 電源が入らないため どんなデータが入っているのかは分からない
Dinosaur nest A dinosaur has built a nest here. Better not to disturb it. 恐竜が巣を作っている 卵には手を出さないほうがいいだろう
Door toward the Research Facility/Power source room The ivy is wrapped around the door. You may be able to cut it with Dylan's machete. ドアにはツタがからまっている ディランのマチェットで切れそうだ