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The Research Meeting Room is an area of the Facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a room used for meeting, by the previous researcher of the facility. A big screen is presumably used to display either the slides or images from a projector. A note regarding gas experiment is placed on the whiteboard. Few more papers were scattered around the floor. There is a computer terminal on the main table, that is used controls the condition of the experiment room. There are also filing cabinets built on the wall, containing books and files.


Player can find the Plug and one of the "E" discs inside this meeting room. A researcher journal can be located on the table.

By observing the computer terminal on the edge of the table, a lock code: "7248" is displayed. In the Japanese release the code will be "5037". This code can be used to unlocked the door to the gas experiment room inside the computer room.


Location Localization Original Script
The screen A big screen where the image from a projector would be shown. 映写機の映像が投影される大型スクリーンだ
Center table Plans for experiments are written down. 実験のプランなどが書かれたシートだ
Note on the whiteboard

Adding another gas to one with a poison level under 30 may neutralize the gas.

Red gas neutralizes the poison in the green gas.

Blue gas neutralizes the poison in the orange gas.

Green gas neutralizes the poison in the purple gas.

...Remember these rules when mixing the gasses.





《……以上 混合の際に留意されたい》

Cabinet on the wall Filing cabinets. Minute books and files may be stored inside. 収納庫が並んでいる 議事録などが保存されるのだろう
Journal on the table It looks like a researcher's journal. Will you read the journal? Yes / No 研究員の日記のようだ 日記を読みますか? Yes / No
Computer terminal on the tables edge

This computer terminal controls the condition of the Experiment Room remotely. Something is shown on the display.

"Lock Code: 7248"

実験室の状態を遠隔管理するためのコンピュータ端末のようだ ディスプレイに文字が表示されている


Door to the Gas Experiment Room The door is locked, but there doesn't appear to be any place to set a key. ロックされているがキーをセットする場所は見当たらない
Notice panel near the Gas Experiment Room door entry "Make sure to lock the door by the computer during experiments." 《実験中はコンピュータロックすること》