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Researcher's Memo[note 1] is a file in Dino Crisis.


The file can be found on a table inside Power Frequency Room at Facility B2.


Note that for the purpose of cohesion, the Dino Crisis Wiki will refer to the code as "31415", though "78814" is also possible.

Kirk has been hiding everything from the researchers recently. In a demonstration of solidarity, the B1 lab area staff have decided to investigate what Kirk and the military personnel are up to.

As a start, we managed to set a wiretapping device at the Parts Storage area where they've been holding meetings. The device is sound activated and records automatically. It can also play back the recordings.

It may be the best way to come up with some clues. We need Kirk's ID Card to check the Generator. We already know his registration number.

It is 31415.

All we need now is to forge his ID Card is his fingerprint data...

最近のカークの秘密主義は、 度を越している。 今回、 B1の研究エリアの連中と手を組んで、 カークと軍の奴らの真意を探ることにした。

とりあえず、 最近彼らがこそこそやっているパーツ庫に、 盗聴器を仕掛けた。 音声に反応して録音、 再生もできるタイプだ。


とにかく、 あのジェネレータを調べるために、 カークのカードが絶対に必要だ。 とりあえずヤツのスタッフ登録番号は調べた。 31415だ。

……あとは、 指紋のデータを何とかすれば、 確かカードを偽造できたはずだ。




  1. Files do not have names in Dino Crisis. Article names on the Wiki are tentative only.