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The Researcher Rest Room is an area on Facility B2 featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a room where the researchers on the facility rest. The room contains a row of lockers with some boxes on top of it. Most of the personal belongings and experiment instruments are placed on a large shelf. There are also plenty of bed sections that are equipped with a low temperature retaining system.


Upon entering this room for the first time, Regina will meet up with Gail. A plug can be found inside the personal shelf. A researcher journal can be found and read inside this room.


Location Localization Original Script
The lockers The personal belongings of the researchers. Nothing useful. 研究員たちの私物が入っている 役に立ちそうなものはない
Cardboard boxes on the lockers Cardboard boxes are on the shelf. Nothing useful. 上にダンボールが乗っている 役に立ちそうなものは入っていない
The monitor on the wall A Key Card Lv. A is required to operate this device. この装置を操作するにはレベルAのキーカードが必要だ
The shelf Magazines line the shelf. They must belong to the researchers. 研究員たちの私物らしい雑誌が並んでいる
The Journal It looks like a researcher's journal. Will you read it? Yes / No 研究員たちの雑記帳らしい ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
The white coat White coats for the researchers. They've been worn out. 研究員たちの白衣だ かなり着古されている
The bed A bed equipped with a low temperature retaining system. You can use it to refresh yourself with a brief nap. 低体温維持機構つきベッドだ 短時間で疲れをいやすことができる
Notice on the wall A notice is posted. "Be sure to make the bed after using it." 連絡事項が張り出されている 《ベッドを使用した後はかたづけること》
The personal shelf The personal belongings of the researchers and the broken instruments used in the experiment. 研究員たちの私物や壊れた実験用器具が並んでいる