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The Rest Station is an area of the Facility B3 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


This room served as the transport hub for users of the port, having hallway links to the B3 freight area and the B2 labs upstairs, as well as having an elevator that connected it to different floors, depending on the Key Card possessed. It is thought that this could be interpreted as a lobby area of sorts for personnel, judging by the heavy usage of the facility's military crest. There is a female corpse found in this area, thought to have been killed by the Therizinosaurs in the nearby hallways. Regina can also copy the details from the B3 map on the wall to her own.

Although it is described as a rest area, this room possesses no seats or other amenities that one would expect, such as vending machines or restrooms.



The code is "W A T E R W A Y"

The player can find a plug under the female corpse.

The door to the Disembarkation Immigration Office is locked with the DDK lock 'W', and requires both the Code and Input disks to gain access to the port area.

After using the elevator of Third Energy Control Room to return to this room, a Therizinosaurus will attack Regina and an unknown track will be played until the dinosaur is killed. After that it will return to its current track.


Location Localization Original Script
Island map It is an aerial photograph of Ibis Island. The picture is of the entire island. アイビス島の航空写真だ 全土を見渡すことができる
Corpse It is a female researcher. The white robe is smeared red with blood. 女性の研究員だ 白衣が血で真っ赤に染まっている
Port sign This door must lead to the port. ドアの向こうが港に通じているようだ
Corner counter It's a display to show messages for the visitors. 来客用のメッセージ・ディスプレイだ
B3 map The B3 floor area map is indicated on the panel. Will you record the data of the map? Yes / No

(Yes) The data has been recorded. You can check it on the Map Screen.

B3エリアのマップがパネルに表示されている マップのデータを記録しますか? Yes / No

データを記録しました マップ画面で見ることができます

Door to the Disembarkation Immigration Office It has been locked with the Digital Disc Key(DDK). You must check the device next to the door, and set the DDK device. DDKによるロックがかかっている ドアの横にある装置を調べてDDKをセットしなければ
DDK device It is a DDK device. A "W" mark is drawn on it. Will you set the DDK? Yes / No DDKのデバイスだ 《W》のマークが記されている このロックを解除するには正しい情報を記録したDDKが必要だ DDKをセットしますか? Yes / No
Elevator (With Key Card Lv. C or lower) The elevator cannot be operated with the data on this card.
(With Key Card Lv. B) You've used the card. It's possible to access the B2 floor with the card you have now. Will you go the B2 floor? Yes / No