Dino Crisis Wiki

"You can return to life with your health fully restored."
— Inventory description in Dino Crisis

The Resuscitation is a health recovery item that can be used in Dino Crisis.


If Regina dies, it will automatically restore her to full health while re-spawning her in the previous room. If the player doesn't have the item when they got killed by a dinosaur, it will result in game over. It can also be consumed like a regular med pak, which in that case it will act as a Med Pak L.

It also can be mixed with any An. Dart L to obtain one Poison Dart.


The Resuscitation can be found at:

  • 2 avaialable at game start on Easy mode
Facility Outdoors
Facility 1F
Facility 2F
Facility B1
Facility B2
Facility B3