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Rigel was a genetically engineered species of Giganotosaurus which was created by MTHR-248, the shipboard AI for Ozymandias. When the human passengers died from radiation sickness, MTHR was tasked by Cpt. Satoko Evans with creating a new crew, but due to the radiation was forced to splice in animal genes from dinosaurs, which were found to be more resistant to radiation. Rigel was one the mutant dinosaur species created as a means of studying possibly advantageous genes to be spliced into the human-dinosaur hybrid embryos.

Physical description[]

Rigel were part of a complex life cycle. An organism known as the Rigel Domain was the mother of the species. Rigel, the larvae, then grew up to the adult Cebalrai. As larvae, Rigel had rather simplistic bodies, lacking working legs with the only two limbs being largely useless, moving with serpentine-like motion. The species was however capable of consuming significant amounts of meat, and packs of Rigel are known to have felled and eaten an Australis by burrowing under its skin and devouring it from the inside-out. Rigel did not have any pack instinct; though they regularly attacked in groups this was instead due to the species' acute senses leading dozens to the prey.[excerpt 1]



Rigel health values have a lower limit of 80HP, with a random bonus health value of 0-60. As such, any Rigel in a room can vary from 80-140HP.[2]



Further notes[]

  • It is named after the star Rigel, otherwise known as Beta Orionis.
  • Rigel's manner of killing Australis is similar to the hunting method used by the real-life parasitic fish of the Amazon River called the Candiru-Acù.



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