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The Secret Operation Raid Team (S.O.R.T.) was an espionage organisation under the direct control of the United States government.[note 1]


S.O.R.T. was founded in 2001 as a federal agency by former members of TRAT, who had resigned in protest of conforming to US Army hierarchy. Separating themselves allowed S.O.R.T. to perform similar missions to TRAT but without this oversight. Among their typical missions are sabotage, hostage rescue and nondescript "irregular activities". An intense rivalry between the two agencies formed as a result of this split.[1]

"Ibis Island" Incident[]

In 2009, S.O.R.T. agent Tom was dispatched to Ibis Island, an island used by the Borginian Republic for military research.[2] Spying under the cover of a foreign researcher, he confirmed the presence of Dr. Edward Kirk, the leading scientist on Third Energy who was believed dead three years prior. To prevent Dr. Kirk creating a Third Energy weapon, another S.O.R.T. team was ordered to infiltrate the island, abduct Dr. Kirk and retrieve his research. The mission took place on the same night as a Third Energy test, and the team arrived to find the complex taken over by time-displaced dinosaurs. Ultimately, S.O.R.T. was successful in escaping with Dr. Kirk and the data, losing agents Tom and Cooper in the process.

Known members[]

To keep their identities a secret, S.O.R.T. agents operate with pseudonyms. Consequently, we do not know the real names of the agents listed.

  • Cooper - The team's radioman and communication's expert; he is killed by a Tyrannosaurus at the beginning of the mission.
  • Gail - the team's leader. He took his orders from the highest office and had an objective other than capturing Dr. Kirk.
  • Regina - the team's weapons specialist.
  • Rick - the team's computer specialist.
  • Tom - an agent sent to the island as a researcher to spy on suspected weapons research.
  • Unnamed - the pilot of the team's transport helicopter. He is killed during a failed rescue attempt.
  • Mickey - the author of an expenses report for S.O.R.T.
  • Erik - an agent reporting the progress of the "QED" project.

Further notes[]

  • Most special forces teams used synchronized weapons, or at least the same assault rifle. Everyone on this team uses different weapons.




  1. While Dino Crisis avoids explicit mention of what country S.O.R.T. belongs to, the helicopter that arrives to exfiltrate the S.O.R.T. team is marked with "US ARMY SOUTH" on its side, and Dino Stalker would finally confirm TRAT as a US Army unit and therefore, by association, S.O.R.T. is also American.
  1. Hamamura (ed.), Official Guide Book, p.5:
    "ディランが所属するTRAT (Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team) とは、 陸軍の各部隊からとくに優秀な者のみを集めて組織された特殊部隊である。 秘密裏の要人救出や破壊工作など、不正規活動を中心とした任務が与えられるもっとも危険なチームではあるが、 ここにスカウトされること自体が軍人にとっては最高の名誉とされている。 しかしながら、 2001年当時のリーダーは、 あくまで軍という枠に縛られたTRATの限界を感じてチームを辞し、 政府直属の情報部という形でS.O.R.T.を設立。 こうした経緯から、 TRATとS.O.R.T.のあいだには強い対抗意識が存在しており、 当初はディランもレジーナに対して含むところがあったようだ。"
  2. Dino Crisis (1999), cutscene: "You have a mail".