Dino Crisis Wiki

Subject: Unknown;
Suspected of possessing firearms.
Access to all other rooms are denied.
— Warning after passing through the metal detector holographic screen

Security Pass Room is an area of the Facility B2 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


This room is a save point. It contains security data from floors B2 and B3. The room also contains important devices and computers like B2 Key Chip rewriters and an ID Card rewriter. This room also contains not only the computer to rewrite the two B2 key chips but an ID Card rewriter, in which Regina needs it to forge Dr Kirk's.


Regina passes through the Security Pass Room towards the Third Energy Generator and Initializer/Stabilizer lockers in the Class A security card rooms, however, a metal detector holographic screen in the room detects her firearms and triggers an alarm whilst locking down the doors to other rooms. Regina must deactivate the alarm computers to progress.

This room contains not only the computer to rewrite the two B2 key chips but an ID Card rewriter, in which Regina needs it to forge Dr Kirk's. To rewrite the key chip, enter the number "0392"; then rewrite the magnetic pattern following the steps below:


The code is "S T A B I L I Z E R"

The next room has a DDK lock, coded "S. Both the Code and Input discs are needed in order to unlock it. The code is "STABILIZER".


Location Localization Original script
Investigate the door panel The system appears to be locked in "Alarm" mode. “警報”モードにロックされているようだ
The papers on the table The names of the people who have entered this room. この部屋の通過者がリストにまとめられている
File on the table A file of notice messages. Will you read the file? Yes / No 連絡事項をまとめたファイルブックがある ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
Materials Nothing unusual. 特に変わったものはない
Dead female corpse Her throat has been crushed. 喉を食い破られている
The computer A device that can rewrite the data of an ID Card. The staff assigned to the B2 floor and B3 floor have their ID data registered in this terminal. To rewrite the data, you need an ID Card. IDカードのデータを書き換える装置だ この端末にはB2・B3エリアのスタッフが登録されている データを書き換えるにはIDカードが必要だ
Panel for the alarm device The control panel for the alarm device. Will you deactivate the alarm? Yes / No 警報装置の操作パネルだ 警報を解除しますか? Yes / No
Panel for the alarm device (Once the "Alarm" mode is disabled.) The control panel of the monitoring device. 監視装置の操作パネルだ
Display screen on the wall A display used to monitor the people who enter this area. Dr. Kirk's name is among the list. このエリアの通過者をモニターしているディスプレイだ カーク博士の名前がある 
Metal detector holographic screen A device that detects firearms. The form of the weapon will be projected onto the screen. 火器の所持を探知する装置だ 武器の形状がスクリーンに投影される
Terminal on the wall This terminal manages the information of the key chips. You can input data to a key chip here.

(After inserting key chips on slots) Will you overwrite the data of the key chips? Yes / No


(Wrong number) The number you entered is not valid.

(Correct number)

"The number has been confirmed."

"The magnetic pattern data for 0392 is being displayed."

"Please overwrite the magnetic pattern of the key chips correctly."

You have taken out the overwritten key chips from the slot.

キーチップの情報を管理する端末だ キーチップへのデータ入力ができる

キーチップのデータを書き換えますか? Yes / No


《ナンバーを確認 0392の磁気パターンデータを表示します》


Slot on the wall A slot for a key chip. キーチップの挿入口だ
DDK door It has been locked with the Digital Disc Key(DDK). You must check the device next to the door, and set the DDK device. DDKによるロックがかかっている ドアの横にある装置を調べてDDKをセットしなければ
DDK device A DDK device. The symbol "S" is inscribed. Will you set the DDK? Yes / No

(Yes) To release the lock, it is necessary to set both the "Code" and "Input" DDK devices.

DDKのデバイスだ 《S》のマークが記されている このロックを解除するには正しい情報を記録したDDKが必要だ DDKをセットしますか? Yes / No

ロックを解除するためには 《暗号》《入力》の2枚のDDKをいっしょに装置にセットする必要がある