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Seyfert was an exploratory craft or "probe ship"[note 1] active in the 26th century.


In the year 2548 it was sent to Jupiter to investigate the mysterious re-appearance of the Ozymandias colony ship. After jumping into Jovian orbit, the Seyfert's computer system, M.T.H.R. 548,[note 2] began attempts to contact the ship, but was unsuccessful on all radio frequencies.

All hands were lost when the M.T.H.R. system on board the colony ship attacked the Seyfert. With the exception of a S.O.A.R. shuttle crew, all operatives were lost in the attack. The debris later triggered a breach on the Ozymandias, almost sucking out two of the surviving S.O.A.R. team members.


Further notes[]

The English text in the opening cutscene provide the Seyfert with the Hull Classification Symbol of "IGM". The accompanying script, however, only refers to it as the Seyfert, with a description of the vessel's function.


  1. The Japanese opening cutscene subtitles "PROBE SHIP" as Uchū tansa-tei seifāto (宇宙探査艇?). The character, Tei ("艇"?) is used specifically to refer to smaller craft such as rowing boats.
  2. The Japanese version of the opening scene has the Captain ask Mother 548 (マザー548 Mazā 548?) a question. The number was not localized into the English voice script.