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Shaft Sector Work Report is a file in Dino Crisis 3.



Work Log #: 000C4C
Date/Time: April 13, 2245, 8:00 am
Location: Main Shaft Central Elevator
Problem: Elevator is operating abnormally.
Diagnosis: Power apparatus breakdown due to capacity overload.

Action Taken: Replaced apparatus. In addition, an alternative means of access has been scheduled for construction.

Work Log #: 000C4D
Date/Time: May 14, 2245, 8:00 am
Location: Upper Main Shaft Ventilation Fan
Problem: Ventilation fan failure.
Diagnosis: Emergency shutdown due to excess oxygen supply.

Action Taken: Checked oxygen-supply program. Installed manual shutdown and an anti-grav platform to facilitate future inspections.

Work Log #: 000C4E
Date/Time: July 1, 2246, 5:00 am
Location: Upper Main Shaft Control Room
Problem: Fire from terminal burnout.
Diagnosis: Energy distribution error.

Action Taken: Accessed Panel Room via fan. Used platform installed in the previous year. Evacuated personnel and extinguished fire.

Work Log #: 000C4F
Date/Time: May 3, 2247, 2:00 am
Location: Lower Main Shaft Crew Quarters
Problem: Fire caused by a terminal short.
Diagnosis: Extensive and continuous use of personal terminal.

Action Taken: Fire contained by the room's auto maintenance system.

Work Log #: 000C4G
Date/Time: November 3, 2247, 2:00 am
Location: All Shaft Sector compartments
Problem: Power supply and gravity control malfunctions due to energy-supply problem.
Diagnosis: Violent disturbance in Energy Core.

Action Taken: Kept area clear until the core was safely reactivated. No casualties.

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