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The Shop is a gameplay mechanic in Dino Crisis 3 where players can purchase items with Tactical Credits they earn through killing dinosaurs, derived from a similar feature in Dino Crisis 2. The Shop will update during the game, adding new items once they are collected. For example, Juggernaut WASPs cannot be purchased until the player reaches Airlock 1, where one can be collected.

Shop items[]

There are three categories to shop - "Item"; "Status" and "Stock".


Name Price Description
Recovery Kit/S 2500 TC "A med pack that contains a restorative tonic. Restores a small amount of health."
Recovery Kit/M 5000 TC "A med pack that contains an ion electrode. Restores a large amount of health."
Recovery Kit/L 10000 TC "A large med pack that cures a variety of symptoms. Restores all the users health."
Limit Breaker 20000 TC "Generates a vast amount of energy, temporarily boosting the attack power of your equipped weapon and cutting down on jet pack energy consumption".
Wide-shot 200 TC "Close-range weapon. Sprays gravitation projectiles over wide area. Charge to blast an ever wider area."
Laser 200 TC "A long-range weapon that fires a high-density laser. Can be charged to fire a power laser shot."
Tempest 500 TC "Automatically locks on a target and fires an intense barrage of energy blasts."
Juggernaut 500 TC "Automatically homes in on targets and hits them with energy pulses."


The Status menu gives players the option to modify their character, with abilities such as increased life; increased jetpack energy and fighting longer before the Eliminate Gauge is filled. Only two upgrades can be used at a time, and players can modify the same gauge twice.

Name Price Description
Life Gauge-Stock Plus 50000 TC (level 1)

100000 TC (level 2)

"Increases the length of the Life Gauge bar."
Energy Gauge-Stock Plus 40000 TC (level 1)

80000 TC (level 2)

"Increases the length of the Energy Gauge bar."
Eliminate Gauge-Stock Plus 30000 TC (level 1)

50000 TC (level 2)

"Increases the length of the Eliminate Gauge bar."


The Stock menu deals with upgrades to the player's inventory, allowing them to hold more of the same item.

Name Price Description
Recovery Kit/S-Stock Plus 10000 TC (level 1)

20000 TC (level 2)

"Increases the portage capacity for Rec Kit/S units."
Recovery Kit/M-Stock Plus 20000 TC "Increases the portage capacity for Rec Kit/M units."
Recovery Kit/L-Stock Plus 40000 TC "Increases the portage capacity for Rec Kit/L units."
Limit Breaker-Stock Plus 30000 TC "Increases the portage capacity for Limit Breaker units."
Wide-shot-Stock Plus 25000 TC "Increases the ammo capacity for Wide-shot."
Laser-Stock Plus 25000 TC "Increases the ammo capacity for Laser."
Tempest-Stock Plus 30000 TC (level 1, +20)

60000 TC (level 2)

"Increases the portage capacity for Tempest WASP units."
Juggernort-Stock Plus[note 1] 30000 TC "Increases the portage capacity for Juggernort WASP units."


  1. The "Juggernaut" WASP name is misspelt in the menu in this instance.